A Quick and Easy Recipe For Keto Bread With Yeast

keto bread with yeast

It seems that everywhere you turn nowadays there is a high interest in recipes for Keto Bread with Yeast. This bread is so popular because it is made from real bread ingredients but it is reduced in carbohydrates and calories. It is very popular with diabetic patients and people trying to lose weight. It has also been used as replacement food for diabetic patients who can’t eat regular bread. Even some doctors are starting to recommend it to patients suffering from diabetes because of its low sugar content.

To make the perfect low carbohydrate bread with yeast, you require a good variety of healthy ingredients:

Active dry yeast to feed the bread. Unsweetened yogurt to thicken. Coconut oil to make sure the bread stays moist and doesn’t get stuck in the bottom of the pan. A mixer to mix all the ingredients.

Firstly, in the kitchen, preferably an oven, set your oven temperature to 350 degrees and put the dry yeast and the un-sweetened yogurt into the bowl of your mixer. Mix well. Once blended, add the coconut oil and blend again. Add your sugar and knead into the bread batter. Cover for about two minutes.

Keto Bread With Yeast

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After the first time making the bread, or several times if you are confident of making it right, go back to the kitchen and add the main ingredients. The other ingredients should be either bread flour almond flour or a combination of both. This is how you end up with a nice thick, gooey, sweet, and healthy bread. In a nutshell, it’s carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, and minerals, all in one go.

Then take your loaf of bread and cut it in half. Carefully place one half into the preheated, waxed pan of your microwave oven and press the other half down into the pan. If you find that it doesn’t stick to the pan easily, place another piece on top and pop in the other half of the bread into the oven. When the bread is done baking, carefully remove it from the pan and slice it into two pieces.

If your aim is to have a real bread taste, you will need to adjust the ingredients and the amounts to achieve that. The amount of sugar in the recipe should correspond to the carbohydrate count in the recipe. The amount of almond flour in the recipe should correspond to the total carbohydrates in the recipe. The recipe for real bread should have at least three parts carbohydrates, and the total carbohydrate count should be four parts.

A Much Ado

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In this quick, easy keto bread recipe, you’ll need a loaf with about one and a half cups of bread flour. You can use whatever kind of flour you like, but just make sure it is whole wheat. It is best to use all-purpose flour because the texture of real bread is much different than that of bread made with white flour. The texture of whole wheat bread tends to be crunchier. You should also beat the egg in the bread, but not to the point of turning it yellow, and do not overbeat the egg.

After the mixing of the egg and the bread flour, you should then work in about one tablespoon of instant yeast. Do not use all of the instant yeast, just leave a little behind to let the finished product rise. There are many different kinds of yeast, but all you need to do is get one that comes from a reputable store and make sure you buy it cold. If you don’t want to go through the trouble of getting a cold one, you can always use a store-bought version. The key to making this bread really is just patience and discipline.

The last thing you will need for your quick, easy keto bread is a tablespoon of olive oil. You will need to grease the inside of the loaf and turn the oven on. Just wait for the oil to start heating up. When the inside of the bread has started to rise, it will take about 10 minutes. You should make sure the load is not too hot when you put it in the oven.

Bottom Line

After the 10 minutes are up, you should remove the bread from the oven and put it onto a cooling rack. In about one hour, your bread should be ready to be sliced into small pieces. The nice thing about this recipe, or any other, is that you can make it as often as you like. The key to making it taste great, however, is just taking the time to mix the ingredients together properly. Once you get into the realm of learning how to make bread, you will probably have some recipes that are just amazing!

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