Five Places to Buy Foods That Are Gluten Free

gluten free bakery

Have you ever tried a gluten free bakery? I can’t tell you whether it was because they looked good or because they actually tasted good. I have, however, eaten many gluten free desserts from a variety of places and have found them to be quite tasty. What I do know is that their recipes use ingredients that are as healthy for you as regular food from a regular bakery.

Sweet potato pie

Gluten Free

My favorite dessert at a gluten free bakery is their gluten free sweet potato pie. The sweet potatoes in this pie are mashed and blended up, rather than having them stand up like they would in a regular sweet potato pie. Their sweet potato filling is also less fatty than a lot of desserts, which makes this an even better option to eat on its own or with some added sweetener.

Vegan Cookies

Gluten Free

I also recently visited a New York City gluten free bakery that sells their own brand of vegan chocolate chip cookies. These delicious cookies are made from vegan chocolate chips and contain no refined or unhealthy sugars, grains or preservatives. You can find these vegan cookies at almost any supermarket in the country, but I guarantee you’ll be sold on this brand of vegan cookie before you leave the store. It’s delicious and healthy, too.

Sweet Nature’s Bakery and Deli.

Another bakery I’ve tried that is both amazing and totally filled with flavor is Sweet Nature’s Bakery and Deli. This bakery sells a variety of sandwiches, salads, “soda bread” and coffee cake. Their coffee cake contains no hidden sugars, so even kids won’t turn up their noses at the sweet-and-sour concoction. (I had to give them a hard time when they served me a giant cup of sweet chili cheese pizza – I could eat it with a spoon!)

The Loose Leaf Apothecary in Manhattan

There are also a few gluten-free bakeries that serve only desserts. I recently visited The Loose Leaf Apothecary in Manhattan. This bakery offers a variety of yummy desserts such as coconut panna cotta, apple cinnamon pie and banana cream pie. The owner, Linda Thompson, uses organic ingredients and only uses the freshest produce in her pies. Other products that are used in her pies include pecans, fresh berries and maple syrup. This New York bakery is one of my favorite places to go because not only does it offer a wide range of desserts, but they have a great variety of pies, muffins and breads as well.

Baked Goods Bistro in New York City

Of course, another favorite place in the New York City area for shopping and dining is Baked Goods Bistro. This amazing bakery is located in the East Village at Broadway and 47th, and serves a variety of delicious food and drink, most of which is vegan. In addition to sandwiches, pizzas, salads and desserts, customers can also get a new kind of bread that is made without wheat (the bakery sells pizza that is made from this type of bread).

Some of the other treats that can be found at this gluten free bakery include: scones, pies, bagels, cookies, brownies, cupcakes and many other delicious treats. Of course, there are plenty of desserts to choose from as well. I recently saw them put out a chocolate cake with peanut butter cream on top. I can’t say that this particular bakery does not do good work, but the chocolate cake was out of this world!


For more information about these wonderful gluten free bakeries in New York, I suggest checking out their website. This website contains so much information for people who are looking to shop at these bakeries, or to read reviews about the treats that they have to offer. If you are a coffee cake lover like myself, you will not want to miss this website! I highly recommend that all of you check out Baked Goods Bistro if you are in the New York area.

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