Gluten Free Body Products For Autoimmune Conditions

gluten free body products

Gluten free body care is no longer hard to come by as more people are becoming gluten intolerant. The first reaction was to go to the drugstore and pick up a few products that said they were free of gluten. Gluten free makeup was next. Then natural gluten free foods became a popular route to take. However, why create gluten free body products, you may ask?

An Overview

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Many people trace their gluten intolerance back to an earlier exposure to wheat, rye or barley. Others claim their symptoms began after eating too much processed food. No matter the cause, there are many people that think their gluten allergies began when they ate foods that contained those ingredients.

When creating gluten free body products, what are some of the best choices for skin care products, hair care products and health and wellness care products? The best gluten free options are plant based ingredients. What makes them better? There are two main benefits to using plant based ingredients over animal derived ingredients. The first is the safety. All animal-based ingredients contain hormones and antibiotics, which can cause negative reactions with some people and can even be harmful to the human body.

Main Ingredients

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Animal derived ingredients include animal-derived proteins, enzymes and vitamins. Many of the ingredients used to create gluten free products also have been processed with enzymes and vitamins to extend their shelf life and to increase their effectiveness. In addition, some gluten ingredients are hydrolyzed wheat. Hydrolyzed wheat is gluten which has been partially hydrogenated.

Wheat is part of the diet of millions of people around the world, including people with celiac disease and those who are considering to be undiagnosed. Gluten free foods do not contain gluten. Instead they contain ingredients which are hydrolyzed (that is, “cooked”) wheat proteins which have been removed from their edible state. Some ingredients in wheat and other gluten containing foods have been known to trigger the immune system to attack the body’s own tissues. Research indicates that this happens in response to gluten proteins which are present in wheat and other gluten containing foods, especially when taken in combination.

Many people with gluten and other autoimmune diseases have reported improved health as a result of adding gluten-free foods to their diet. These include improved appetite, weight loss, reduced migraine headaches, joint pain and skin rash. The benefits may be further enhanced if these same individuals also add herbal essences and other organic compounds to their diet. Some herbs contain antioxidants, which are believed to help the immune system and the elimination of toxins.

Great Food Stores

Many health food stores now carry products that are gluten free. This includes not only breads but cakes, cookies, ice cream, sherbets, cookies, cakes, pastries, candy and more. Many of these gluten-free body products are made with organic (hydrolyzed) wheat proteins and other ingredients which have been shown to help improve health. Many of these organic ingredients also are plant based. Some of them are chia seeds, alfalfa sprouts, sorrel, ginger, echinacea, licorice, spirulina, alfalfa leaf, green tea, alfalfa and more.

Many experts believe that gluten intolerance is the root cause of a large percentage of the general population’s chronic illnesses, such as: high blood pressure, depression, Type II diabetes, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, obesity, osteoporosis, chronic fatigue syndrome and numerous others. Gluten-free products provide a safe and healthy alternative for people who suffer from gluten intolerance or celiac disease.


As a result of the nutritional improvements which occur with these products, many who have these conditions are now leading much healthier lives than they ever could before. When used in conjunction with a healthy diet, gluten-free nutrition is truly a remarkable gift for those with autoimmune disorders. They’ll be able to live a life free from the gluten which caused their autoimmune diseases.

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