Gluten Free Cereal Alternatives For Health Conscious Individuals

gluten free cereal

These products have been specifically engineered with ingredients that will help your loved ones avoid consuming foods with gluten and grain intolerance. With the rising popularity of these delicious products you may want to keep your family updated about new developments in the gluten-free food arena.

Gluten free cereal bars offer great tasting snacks. You can find them all day long in any supermarket or health food store. In addition to helping those with celiac disease and other gluten intolerance issues, they are a great option for weight loss as well. Gluten free cereal bars are a very cost effective alternative to regular cereal bars.

Eat Breakfast In The Morning To Be Energized

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Many people with gluten intolerance need to eat breakfast in the morning to be energized for the day. The problem is finding the right type of gluten-free breakfast cereal. Many cereals out there are not true. They still use ingredients from wheat, barley and other grains that can be digested by people with gluten intolerance. If you’re looking for an effective and tasty breakfast alternative, opt for whole grain cereals and other cereals with good carbs and high fiber content.

The best thing about rice bran and corn flour products is that they contain no wheat, barley or other grains. For example, a serving of rice bran has only 19 calories and no trans fat. A serving of corn flour has three grams of sugar. That’s less than one teaspoon of sugar with one tablespoon of cornmeal. If you’re counting calories or sugar, you won’t consume any additional unhealthy sugars or carbohydrates.

Gluten Free Diet

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People who are diagnosed with celiac disease can’t take regular breakfast cereals because of its wheat content. Since gluten intolerance doesn’t cause weight gain, most doctors recommend a gluten free diet for patients. Gluten free breads and cereals that are available on the market don’t contain wheat. They contain ingredients such as quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat, sorghum, millet, tapioca, triticale and wild rice.

Gluten free granola bars are becoming very popular. They’re delicious and healthy. You can choose from organic, roasted nuts, walnuts, sunflower seeds, pears, blueberries, grapes, pear, banana, cinnamon and raisins. The key to choosing the best granola is to look for certified gluten-free granola bars or those that are certified organic.


Kellogg’s is a leading maker of gluten-free cereals and other snack foods. You can buy their cereals in three flavors: chocolate brownie, chocolate chip, and chocolate yogurt. Their specialty cereal, Special K, is derived from 100% gluten-free oats. There are also plenty of good brands of rice cereals and bread products containing gluten.

You don’t need to spend a fortune to enjoy healthy, quality food. It’s easy to make your own gluten-free food if you have the right recipes. There are many books on the market today containing hundreds of different recipes for gluten-free snacks, cereals, muffins, cookies, and other food items. In addition, you can customize your own meals by using different kinds of flour and flours. By the way, if you decide to buy prepackaged gluten-free foods, be sure to read the labels first and check the wheat content.

Agave Nectar Or Other Sugar-Free Sweeteners

Sugar-free desserts and ice cream are good, too. By eliminating sugar and other refined carbohydrates, you will cut your calorie intake without compromising your nutritional needs. If you want to enjoy desserts, try agave nectar or other sugar-free sweeteners. These sweeteners are healthier than sugar, as they have fewer calories and fewer trans fats. As a result, you can still enjoy a dessert with a flavor you like–in short, you can enjoy delicious gluten-free cereal alternatives without any sacrifice of taste!

Did you know that you can indulge your sweet tooth without sacrificing your health? Many people believe that wheat and gluten products make good snacks and desserts, but the truth is that you can have lots of fun making and eating your favorite snacks and desserts with ingredients you easily find in your own kitchen. Cheerios are fun, too. Try substituting a box of chocolates for a bite of sweet, wholesome Cheerios!


For another healthy option, look for nut butters that are certified gluten-free. Enjoying fruit-sweetened orchards or kettle corn on the cob sounds great, but you can ruin your health by eating too much sugar or sweets. Fruit-sweetened orchards and kettle corn on the cob should contain only organic ingredients and no processed sugar. There are many healthy snacks, including nut butters, that will satisfy your cravings for sugary sweets while maintaining your diet. As an added bonus, you’ll feel great as well!

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