How To Enjoy Your Popcorn With Gluten Free Ingredients -

How To Enjoy Your Popcorn With Gluten Free Ingredients

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Did you know that corn gluten free snacks, or kettle corn as it is also known, are a great source of dietary fiber? This is because corn itself is a complex carbohydrate and a form of starches which provide energy but can also give rise to storage of body fat. In order to keep the weight off, simply eat less of the sugary snack foods like popcorn and enjoy your fruit and vegetable intake in moderation.

Artificial Flavorings

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Unfortunately, many of the corn snacks and treats we see now contain artificial flavorings, highly processed colorants, high fructose corn syrup, sodium benzoate and other additives. These artificial ingredients can be very problematic for people with dietary sensitivities. For instance, the corn gluten free snacks we find at restaurants are very popular and advertised widely, as they are designed to be served cold. Many people do not understand that this means that there is a higher level of heat exposed to the food during preparation. This can cause cross-contamination from other sources of protein such as chicken, fish, cow’s milk and goat’s milk.

Avoid Pre-made Corn Gluten Free Snacks

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It is therefore important to avoid pre-made corn gluten free snacks, and especially when you buy these in the store. The most convenient place to purchase them is online. Online retailers are able to sell their products at lower prices than the brick-and-mortar establishments as they do not have to incur the cost of operating a physical store. Furthermore, they also do not have to bear the cost of maintaining a fleet of sales persons to man the outlets. Also, they can eliminate the need for artificial flavors and colors as the only sugar is sourced from natural sweeteners that do not cause cross-contamination.

Websites That Corn Gluten Free Snacks

There are a number of websites offering corn gluten free snacks. You can choose your ingredients and make your own, or you can use one of the pre-packaged mixtures available. Most of the mixes are very tasty but it is always best to check the ingredients label to ensure that you are eating nothing except the non-gluten wheat. This way you will be completely sure that you are eating nothing that contains wheat, rye or barley. Moreover, if you choose to make your own, you can choose your favorite flavors and combine them to create your own “dream snack”.

To achieve that dream snack, you need to take some time to research different methods for preparing your own homemade popcorn. For instance, you can buy corn kernels, buy a kettle corn popper and learn to pop your own popcorn. Alternatively, you can buy a package of K-Cup popcorn that comes in different flavors. Use your own discretion, to add flavorings, salt and different kinds of nuts. Alternatively, you can also use different kinds of seasonings.

Summing Up 

Finally, if you have plans of going out to eat, you can take along your kettle corn and caramel popcorn. You can get them at any supermarket and have fun popping them in the restaurants. However, if you are going to eat at a restaurant, do not forget to bring along a bottle of water and lemon to wash your hands. This is because most restaurant popcorn requires salt. Therefore, it is always best to wash your hands before eating.

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