Celiac: Living And Eating Happily

Talking about celiac disease, when one suffers from this disease, he or she can face severing physical or emotional reaction while eating gluten-rich foods. In fact, when you have such health issues, your body will not tolerate gluten.

So, the only way to treat celiac is by maintaining a celiac disease diet which doesn’t contain any gluten. Such treatment generally means following a diet plan which avoids foods which have a high level of gluten. In detail, foods which contain gluten are made of rye, wheat, and barley. This form of protein can be found in all types of pasta, cakes, and bread.

Celiac Disease Diet Helps To Fight Celiac Diseases
Celiac Disease Diet Helps To Fight Celiac Diseases

Foods That You Can Consume On Celiac Diseases Diet

In detail, foods options that you can consume in such condition is not limited. In fact, there is a lot of foods which are gluten-free in nature. Besides, there is a lot of foods which are treated as the best celiac foods. Such foods are:

  • Chicken, fresh meat, fish, and eggs
  • Butter, cream, cheese, and milk
  • Vegetables, fresh fruits, and green salads
  • Nuts and other seeds
  • Rice and maize
  • Marmalade, jam, honey, sunflower oil, and olive oil

For better result, you should altogether avoid all kind of processed foods.

Foods That You Should Avoid While Maintaining A Celiac Diseases Diet

Before talking about the foods that you must avoid to treat celiac disease, remember that gluten is there in a lot of processed foods. For example, cereal, fried potatoes, frozen foods, sauces and more. Besides, mustard and soy sauce also comes with gluten. Those who are suffering from celiac should know how to read the labels on processed foods properly. So that they can know about the gluten level.

Celiac Disease Diet Helps To Fight Celiac Diseases
Celiac Disease Diet Helps To Fight Celiac Diseases

Besides, there are some non-food products which also come with gluten, for example, household cleaners, vitamins, and cosmetics. So, it will be best for you to take advice from a professional nutrition specialist to come up with a list of foods and products that you should avoid. However, you can avoid the following foods:

  • Cakes, cookies, donuts, pastries, bread, pasta, cakes, candies, and cereals
  • Soy sauce, malted vinegar, mayonnaise, tinned soups, and sauces
  • Pretzels, potato chips, and snacks that come under this category
  • Mixed vegetable oils

However, you will have to read the labels carefully and makes sure that you have chosen celiac food. Fortunately, there is a lot of gluten-free food products.

Drinks That You Can Drink Or Not Drink On Celiac Disease Diet

Well, when it comes to drinks, a significant exception is beer.  In fact, most of the beer is made from malted barley and wheat. So, they have gluten. However, you can drink gluten-free beer.

Spirits, for example, wine, cider, brandy, port, sherry, tequila or rum may not contain gluten even though Bourbon is made from barley or rye, the gluten is removed by the distillation process.

Many people have an assumption that cooking food for a celiac disease diet is quite boring, but this is not true and have no evidence. The food options are unlimited, and you can enjoy a lot of tasty dishes.

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