How You Know You Cannot Tolerate Gluten

The gluten intolerance shares a lot of diseases the major one is a celiac disease as it offers severe condition. The gluten intolerance can cause discomfort too that can even bring in lifestyle changes that are not manageable. However, unlike the celiac disease, the symptoms of gluten intolerance can involve the immune system as well as can damage the GI tract or gastrointestinal.

The wheat allergy can also emerge with it. The wheat allergy is said to be as one of the life-threatening diseases that can impart the loss of consciousness as well as breathing problems. In case you have any of these symptoms we suggest you leave the gluten diet. The symptoms of it can be severe of less too it all depends on the person condition.  To know more about it, we are listing the top seven symptoms which can occur.

The Symptoms Of Gluten Intolerance

Many people have a lot of symptoms of gluten just after consuming a bit of it. However, some symptoms can vary according to the person and their combination of problem. According to the results, people who have it have reported the listed conditions which can include in their usual diets.

Diarrhea And Constipation – Gluten Intolerance Symptom

The people who have reported regular gluten have a common symptom of constipation and diarrhea as well. Occasionally it is seen that some of the people also have an indigestive issue which can underline the condition for a prolonged time. Many people with the gluten problem have also experienced unpleasant and poor smell in their poor due to the poor nutrient absorption.


Bloating is another common symptom which people report all due to the gluten intolerance. It also refers to the feeling of the full stomach which gives out an uncomfortable feeling. It is also common to feel up a buildup of gas.

The overeating is one of the most common reasons which are seen to have in bloating. It can come up for various reasons too. The people with intolerance can occur with a non regular disease which may occur according to the type of eating habit.

Abdominal Pain

The abdominal pain is another case which can lead to the pain. It is often experienced to the patients due to gluten intolerance that can bring in abdominal pain too.

Fatigue Is Another Gluten Intolerance Symptom

Fatigue is another major symptom which is seen in people who may find it quite hard to identify in their body if they have a gluten intolerance. It can come up with different causes too. However, many of it is not related to any type of medical condition. A person can feel tired and can also impair their daily functioning too.


People who are suffering from the gluten also experience nausea that is mainly seen just after the meal consuming which contains gluten in it. Vomiting can also occur due to various reasons, which are another sign of it.


The headaches are another symptom which you can experience if you are suffering from the gluten intolerance.

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