Is Barley Gluten Free – Get To Know About It

is barley gluten free

Gluten is found in many whole grains but not in barley. Mostly barley is used for feeding animals and only a small percent of it is consumed by humans. It can be tricky to identify is barley gluten free as it is generally used as a thickener and a flavor enhancer in most processed foods. Barley is also used to make malt to produce beer and whiskey. If you want to know more about it read further.

Is Barley Gluten Free And Beneficial For You

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Including barley in the diet is a healthier option because its phytonutrients are plant compounds that give beneficial effects on health. It has been proved that people who continuously include barley in their diet had almost 17% fewer chances of death from all causes including diabetes and cancer. It is a very good source of nutrients and always doubles in size after being cooked. The main fiber which you will find in barley is beta-glucan. This fiber when combined with fluid forms a gel as it is a soluble fiber that helps to control blood sugar and cholesterol of your body.

Consumption Of Barley May Improve Your Digestion

If you want to improve your digestion then barley may be the best option for you because its fiber increases the bulk of your stool and makes it easier to pass through your digestive tract. It may also help you to get relief from constipation. For improving digestion, it is important to promote the growth of good bacteria within your digestive tract which may be possible if you include barley in your daily diet. Doctors always suggest taking 20-30 grams of sprouted barley daily to the patients who are suffering from inflammatory bowel disease. So, the answer of is barley gluten free can improve your digestion is yes.

How Is Barley Gluten Free And Can Control Blood Sugar?

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Is barley gluten free and can control your blood sugar is the question that arises in everyone’s mind. Barley reduces the risk of your body getting diabetes as it’s a very good source of soluble fiber beta-glucan which binds in your digestive tract and slows the absorption of sugar. People also include oats in their diet for decreasing blood sugar and then start comparing barley with oats but it has been practically proved that barley reduces 59% to 65% blood sugar whereas oats only reduce 29% to 36%.  

 Barley May Help You To Lose Weight 

People always choose barley to eat at least in their one diet if they are practicing weight loss because it lowers the level of hunger. This means if you take barley in breakfast then you will eat less in the remaining meals of the day. Ghrelin is a hormone responsible for increasing the hunger cravings in your body and barley decreases the level of ghrelin and increases the level of fullness in the body after a meal. If you want to lower the cholesterol of your body then you should take a diet high in soluble fiber and that can be easily done by including barley in your diet.


Barley is one of the whole grains that you must include in your diet. As it is gluten-free and rich in fibers and other nutrients, it will help you to maintain a healthy body.

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