Is Rice Gluten-Free Or Not?

Living without gluten is very difficult, and you have to be aware of whatever you eat. So if you want to avoid gluten, just read the ingredients of all the products before eating. Rice is gluten-free unless and until it’s contaminated or fixed with something which contains gluten. Generally, people live a gluten-free life due to celiac disease or wheat allergy. This disease is prevalent in The United states. Almost 5-6% of the population suffers from this disease.

Is Rice Gluten-Free?

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Around 1000 types of rice are available all over the globe, but only 100 of them are sold in the market. All types of rice are gluten-free, whether it is white or brown, long or short, fragrance or non-fragrance.

As long as you purchase unprocessed rice, you don’t need to worry about gluten, But if you are purchasing packaged rice, you must check the ingredients.

Always buy rice with a gluten-free label on it. You should make sure to eat other grains too, which have essential vitamins and minerals.

A Variety Of Grains Are Available Which Are Gluten-Free

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There’s another reason to limit rice consumption as it contains arsenic and can cause arsenic disease. According to a 2012 survey done by the US food administration, people who follow a gluten-free diet should consume other grain products rather than a staple rice diet.

Brown, wild and white rice are gluten-free. In short, rice in its purest form is gluten-free and if you don’t have a recipe in mind, go for unrefined rice ( brown rice ) as it has numerous nutritions that are great for your body.

Some Nutritious Information About Gluten-Free Rice

1. White Rice

White rice is the most popular rice, but people have started to sharpen this rice over the period. It is being stripped up to the extent that it loses all its vitamins and nutritional value.

To give a smoother texture, the layer is removed.

2. Brown Rice

It is way more different than white rice and includes all the fiber, vitamins, and nutrients. It has more texture because it is unrefined and contains bran and germ.

If you are using brown rice, keep in mind to store them in an airtight container or a refrigerator to keep it fresh.

3. Wild rice.

Practically speaking, wild rice is referred to as rice, but it is not rice. It is grass that is gluten-free. Wild rice is tough to grow compared to other rice, so it might be expensive or mixed with white rice or brown rice to reduce the cost.

It has almost all the essential vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B-6, fiber, magnesium, etc.

Rice Which Is Not Gluten-Free

All the rice mixes available in the market are not gluten-free. Packaged rice available in the stores is not gluten-free. Rice you can get from the manufacturer of products containing gluten is not gluten-free.

Remember, rice labeled wheat-free is just wheat-free and not gluten-free.

Final Words 

Particular grains are gluten-free, and some are not. Therefore, it is up to you as to what type of grains you are choosing for consumption. 

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