Make Way For Healthy Gluten Free Pasta Recipe

When your doctors have recommended you to go gluten free, your favorite pasta and noodles might miss out of your food habits. For good news, there is gluten free pasta and noodles now to satisfy your cravings. You must avoid gluten if you have celiac disease or you might go gluten free for personal choice. In either case, you must avoid gluten but not your favorite dishes. One of the most lovable dishes is pasta, and it now comes in gluten free varieties. In this article, you will know about different types of pasta and noodles with no gluten contents.

Brown Rice Delicious Pasta

It is well known and is popular amongst food lovers. It is so because of its texture and mild flavor. The traditional pasta varieties use the same ingredients along with gluten contents. Brown rice can be a possible replacement for all usual pasta varieties. It is rich in fiber and consists of selenium, magnesium, and manganese which are suitable for health. Consuming brown rice can prevent health conditions like diabetes, heart disease or cancer.

Make Way For Healthy Gluten Free Pasta And Noodles
Make Way For Healthy Gluten Free Pasta And Noodles

Shirataki Noodle

It uses glucomannan as its ingredient. Glucomannan is a fiber that comes from the konjac plant’s root. These fiber contents do not undergo digestion process in your body and therefore do not contain any carbs or calories. The main ingredient contains no taste, but gains taste after adding other ingredients. Glucomannan fiber results in weight loss and also stimulates hunger hormones. Other benefits of glucomannan are that it neutralizes blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Add healthy toppings to Shirataki noodles to get some nutrients along with being gluten free.

Gluten Free Quinoa Pasta

In the list of gluten free pasta, Quinoa is a good replacement of the regular pasta available. The main ingredient here is Quinoa, along with rice and corn. You will experience the flavor of nuts and grains in it. Quinoa is rich in nutrients and gives out a large number of health benefits. You will receive all sorts of vitamins and amino acids for your body. It is also rich in fiber.

Soba Noodle

Make Way For Healthy Gluten Free Pasta And Noodles
Make Way For Healthy Gluten Free And Noodles

Buckwheat flour is the main ingredient for Soba noodles. The flour is gluten free and nutritious. These noodles give out a taste of nuts and grains and come in different sizes. Soba Noodles are rich in fiber and protein but have less calorie content. Buckwheat flour results in reducing cholesterol levels, weight and blood pressure levels.

Gluten Free Multigrain Pasta

This type of pasta is made out of a mixture of different grains. These grains include millet, buckwheat, corn, rice, and Quinoa. The health benefits and nutrition depend upon the different types of grain used. Multigrain pasta can be a tasty dish for your gluten free diet. You can have it in the form of snacks or supper as it carries all the nutrients that your body demands. Take note of the ingredients and packaging to be entirely gluten free without any fillings.

These are some of the gluten free pasta and noodle dishes that are an excellent replacement for people with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity.

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