Rice Gluten Free – An Introduction to Caring For Your Health

rice gluten free

What can you say about a rice gluten free cookbook? I have been on a mission to find the best gluten free cookbook since I was diagnosed with celiac disease five years ago. As if that’s not enough of a challenge, I also have a reputation for being a bit quirky and experimenting with different foods. I didn’t think I could eat anything other than rice for the first year I suffered with this horrible disease. I tried corn, quinoa, buckwheat, pasta and pretty much everything else under the sun.

I decided to purchase a rice gluten free cookbook because it would make it easier for me to transition into eating gluten free foods. The rice gluten free diet is a lot easier than most people imagine. It is based upon only rice. There is no corn, no potatoes, no dairy products, no yeast or sugar. It does not allow you to eat breads or cookies. You need to buy your own ingredients and that’s it!

An Overview

There are some staples that every rice gluten free recipe will require. Flour, brown rice, unrefined sugar, fresh vegetables (sweet potatoes, tomatoes, asparagus, bell peppers), herbs, spices and salt are all staples. These are not only used in cooking, but they also serve as excellent table salt or any other type of salt you use. You can buy an inexpensive multi-purpose salt and put that in your pantry along with your other table salt. That should be plenty.

Another thing you’ll notice when you go shopping for rice gluten free groceries is that there are far more choices than you could possible try. That’s ok. You can use whatever you want to make sure you stay on a tight budget and don’t get too carried away. I bought a bunch of coconut oil, several cans of soup stock (so good! ), organic baby food, and a variety of spices. I’m planning on making a delicious dinner when I get the spices going.

Gluten Free Rice Facts

A plate of food on a table

I decided on making a delicious dessert when I got my rice gluten free groceries. Instead of buying an expensive dessert mix, I decided to make a delicious dessert mix from scratch. I went to the grocery store, picked up a tasty non-dairy whipped cream, and rice gluten free ice cream. I was so excited!

To top off this meal, I added some fresh berries, a sliced banana, and small amounts of vanilla extract and almond extract to give it a nice creaminess. It was such a great dessert. The best part is that it didn’t cost me a lot of money! I’ve been using rice gluten free foods for over a year now, and rarely have any leftovers – always freezer full!

One thing you might want to avoid when cooking rice gluten free is using regular flour. I used bread flour, but you can also use pastry or flaxseed flour. You just need to ensure that your cooking time is limited to medium to low. This ensures that the rice gluten free mix does not become overcooked, and it also guarantees that it does not burn. When I’m done, I simply place the mix into my slow cooker, add some water, and wait for it to go cooker-y!

In The End

So what are you waiting for? Take the next step and start cooking with rice gluten free foods. You’ll be surprised at how good you feel, and how much cheaper it is than traditional cookbooks. I’ve also found that cooking the rice gluten free does not take as much time as you might think. Plus, you can add in anything you like, which makes your diet even tastier.

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